There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money to market yourself. Will it work? Why does it cost so much? Can I trust that I’m getting a good deal? 

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Set a Budget. Big amount or small, set aside an amount of money you can afford and commit to a specific campaign length to have a chance of success. Use an ROI analysis to help determine the appropriate amount and to help set expectations.
  • What’s Your Plan? To come up with a media strategy, do your homework. Pick the right media (print publications, websites, email newsletters, social media), figure out how often your message needs to be repeated so the audience remembers it, and then make good use of your budget.
  • Timing is everything. Your product or service could have a seasonal aspect. Figure out when buyers are most likely to seek out your product, and develop your marketing plan accordingly. 
  • Be Realistic. Unless you’re planning to give away a new car as part of your promotion, your website and phone are not going to explode with new customers immediately. New customers will need to see your ad multiple times before they take action — remember, we’re all being inundated with advertising from everywhere, so pounding away at customers with brand awareness for you will take time. The more often people are exposed to your brand, the more quickly they will trust you and think of you first when they’re ready to spend money.

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